Coaching is a creative, collaborative process in which the coach (me), helps the coachee (you) to meet their work-related and personal goals. It involves questioning, listening, observation and feedback to create a conversation rich in insight and learning. I won’t tell you what to do but will help you to focus on your circumstances in a different way, giving you greater self-awareness and understanding - and new ways to get where you want to go.

At work, coaching is particularly good for self-development (e.g., changing your leadership style, improving relationships, learning new skills), or dealing with transitions (e.g., stepping into a new role, switching career, moving on after redundancy). 

My approach

Everyone’s different, so if we work together I’ll design a coaching programme just for you that draws on a wide range of evidence-based, psychologically informed coaching approaches. There’s no rule of thumb: I’ve been working with some of my clients for years; others just have a few sessions to tackle a particular issue.

The first step is a free, confidential, 45-minute chat in which we explore what you’re looking for, how I can help, what a programme might look like and how much it would cost.

Book a free discovery call. ︎︎︎

If we find that I’m not the right coach for you, or if you’d like to shop around a bit – which is always a good idea - I’m very happy to recommend other coaches, too.

Career Coaching

Career coaching helps people at all stages of their career work out what they’d really like to do all day, and provides practical support on how to make it happen. Typically, we’d cover:

−      Your relationship with work (assumptions, expectations, needs, priorities)
−      Who you are at work (values, strengths, drivers and motivations)
−      Possible futures/jobs (obvious, less obvious, ones you haven’t thought of yet)
−      How you’re going to get there.

I encourage equal amounts of reflection and action: self-knowledge is important, but you’ll learn by doing and will feel better for having started. Throughout the process, I draw on my experience as a head-hunter to advise on practical things like personal branding and statements, CVs, LinkedIn, and how to frame your story, skills and competencies.

How it works:
Most people have between 3 and 6 sessions, but we’ll design a programme around you (and adapt it on the go if we need to). I combine one-to-one coaching with work between sessions, and often use psychometric testing and personality assessments to give extra insight into strengths, derailers, values and drivers at work.

Leadership Coaching

Executive coaching is about becoming a better leader through improved self-awareness and performance. It matters because a happier, more confident, self-aware leader will have a positive impact on everyone around them which, in turn, will be good for business.

One client described me as their “back-up brain.” In practice, I’m a thinking partner to senior people who rarely have the time and space to think beyond the day-to-day, let alone consider their own development. I’ve worked with most of my clients for a couple of years: we always keep the idea of who they are as a leader (and how they want to evolve) in mind, using our sessions to tackle live issues and experiment with different ways of “doing leadership”.

How it works:

Programmes usually take the form of rolling 6- or 12-month engagements, meeting once a month with the odd email or call in between.

Team Coaching & Development

Team coaching focuses on getting better shared awareness of your team drivers and values, which can drive all kinds of benefits: improved communication and trust, increased cohestion around goals and objectives, and clarity around organisational and team cultures. Crucially, it can also help harness and amplify cognitive diversity in the team, increasing understanding of shared blind spots, biases and groupthink.

How it works:

I use a scientifically solid (and very user-friendly) personality diagnostic called Deeper Signals that gives excellent insight into indvidual and team drivers, strengths and values. Programmes are designed around your team and the issue you’d like to tackle, but invariably include individual and team debriefs, a workshop and follow-up, either in the form of informal group discussion or ongoing team and individual coaching.

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